So You Have to Write a Poem: A Guide for the Non-Poetic


Following the same plain language, straight forward vein of Ms. McLean’s Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers, So You Have to Write a Poem gives novices an easy-to-read guide with step-by-step processes and fun examples while giving more advanced poets a technical guide to the rules behind all their favorite poetic forms.
This volume includes:
* Nine forms of poetry, including chapters on ballads, blank verse, haiku, heroic couplets, limericks, the pantoum, sestinas, sonnets, and the villanelle.
* Overviews on poetry basics like meter and rhyme scheme.
* Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and “cheat sheets” that outline the rules for each form of poetry.
* And a section with a detailed explanation of how to analyze a poem.
So You Have to Write a Poem is designed to not only help students get through their poetry assignments, but also shows poetic skeptics how to enjoy the act of writing poetry, and gives poetry lovers a chance to learn some classic styles.


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