For Writers

Here are a few helpful links for writers: – awesome site for finding agents and keeping track of queries. Also has an amazing forum with tons of info and boards to post queries, synopses, and first pages for critiques.

Preditors and Editors – great sight to check on agents/pubs/contests/etc to see if they are legit and/or recommended.

Helpful articles:

How To Write A Character Based Synopsis

How To Write a Non-Fiction Query

How To Write a Non-Fiction Proposal

How To Handle “THE Call”

How To Write a Hook Line or Logline

How to Write a Memoir

How to Show vs Tell

How to Find an Agent

How to Find a Critique Group

How to Define a Genre

How to Define Romance Sub-genres

How to Determine Your Word Count

How to Tell the Difference Between Fantasy and Paranormal

How to Use Those Pesky Words – Words that are often Misused

How to Use That, Which, Who and Whom

How to Use Apostrophes

How to Outline – According to Author Jackson Pearce

How to Write with Authority

How to Get Inspired

How To Stay (or Get) Motivated

How To Find the Time

How to Have Fun with the Crickets in Your Inbox

How to Write Heroic Couplets

How to Write Sonnets

How to Write Haiku

How to Write Ballads

How to Promote Your Book

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