To Trust a Thief

Minuette Sinclair thought her biggest problem was getting out of her aunt’s finishing school as a proper Victorian lady. But now she’s pretending to be engaged and her fake fiancé is in debt up to his neck. What’s more, her father is in a Caribbean jail, falsely accused of murder. A legendary lost necklace might be their salvation and Min is determined to find it.

But master thief Bryant Westley is after the necklace too and has every intention of seducing his quirky and beautiful competition. He offers to partner up in the search – even though Min is a distraction he can’t afford.

Min can’t refuse Bryant’s offer either – even when she realizes she’s fallen in love with Bryant. Bryant fears he can’t double cross the young lady he’s come to love. Can they find the necklace together and admit their love before it’s too late?

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